6 Reasons Why People Are Choosing to Migrate to Australia

Over the last decade, Australia has been an immensely popular option for people looking to migrate to a new country. Australia has been welcoming migrants for decades and provides a wide range of opportunities for permanent migrants.

When people take this big step, they usually hire a visa specialist or migration lawyer to help ensure the process goes smoothly. It can be a complex and lengthy process, not to mention costly, so it is important to complete the application correctly to have a positive outcome.

As a leading migration agency with a qualified team of visa specialists and migration lawyers, we have put together a list of the 6 top reasons why our clients are looking to migrate to Australia;

1.      Health care benefits

Australia offers many benefits when it comes to healthcare by providing free or subsidised care through one of the best healthcare systems in the world to Australian citizens, permanent residents and other eligible candidates. Australia is also home to some of the world’s best hospitals that are readily available to those who enrolled in Medicare. They can access subsidised or free treatment by different healthcare professionals as well as public hospitals accommodation.

2.      Education

Australia is well-known for offering a great education to local and international students, with many overseas students coming to study in Australia. For citizens and permanent residents, the Australian education system offers free or subsidised high-quality education.

3.      Weather

The temperate climate is a huge contributing factor that attracts many people from other developed countries, such as England, to migrate to Australia. Because Australia is located in the southern hemisphere, the seasons are inverted as well so you can experience a unique summery Christmas.

4.      Liveability

Multiple Australian cities have ranked highly for most liveable cities in the world, especially Melbourne. These stats usually consider a range of factors based on healthcare, culture, environment, education, and infrastructure.

5.      Citizenship

Another benefit of moving to Australia or becoming a permanent resident in Australia is the potential to become an Australian citizen. This is different from many other countries that do not usually offer citizenship, although they offer a great lifestyle and other benefits, such as the United Arab Emirates. In Australia, this is not the case, permanent residents can eventually qualify to become citizens and the country recognises dual citizenship.


6.      Economy

The Australian economy is extraordinarily strong with a powerful currency recognised globally. The minimum wage in Australia is relatively high when compared to other countries, now sitting at just under $20/hour, which is almost double that of the USA.

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