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    Student Visa Subclass 500

    Australia is well known for its high quality of education – and studying in Australia can be a great choice to pursue your studies within a well-organised education system. If you apply for a student visa, the level of documentation you need to provide will be determined by your choice of education provider and your country of citizenship. Here are examples of evidence you may need to provide.

    Who Is Eligible For This Visa?

    Evidence of intended study

    The applicant must provide evidence of their intended study. Generally, this will mean the student should provide:

    • A Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) for all intended courses if applying outside of Australia
    • A CoE or letter of offer for all intended courses if applying in Australia
    • Either way, a CoE must be provided before the visa can be granted.


    Evidence of financial capacity

    Depending on your choice of education provider and country of passport, you can also be requested to provide evidence of your financial capacity. This means that the applicant must provide evidence that they have sufficient funds to cover travel costs and 12 months of living and tuition fees – for themselves and any accompanying family members (including school costs for any school-aged dependents). Currently, the Department calculates the annual living costs are:

    • for students or guardians – AUD$21,041
    • for partners coming with you – AUD$7,362
    • for a child coming with you – AUD$3,152
    • for a school-aged dependant coming with you – AUD$8,296

    Evidence of sufficient funds can be provided in the form of a money deposit with a financial institution, or a loan with a financial institution. Depending on the circumstances, the applicant may also be asked to provide evidence that their spouse or parents are willing to support them, and that they have an annual income of at least AUD$62,222 for single students or at least AUD$72,592 for students accompanied by family members.


    Evidence of English language ability 

    Depending on the choice of education provider and country of passport, the applicant may be asked to provide evidence that he or she has obtained a satisfactory test score in an English language test (one which has been approved the Department) or evidence of certain eligible studies in English. The current English language test minimum scores that an applicant must achieve are:

    Alternative test scores benchmarked as against the IELTS band scale

    Language Proficiency Level 

    Test component


    PTE Academic Cambridge English:
    Advanced (CAE)*



    Average/total/overall across test components only 4.5 32 30 147 n/a


    Listening 5.0 4 36 154 B
    Reading 5.0 4 36 154 B
    Writing 5.0 14 36 154 B
    Spea​king 5.0 14 36 154 B


    Listening 6.0 12 50 169 B
    Reading 6.0 13 50 169 B
    Writing 6.0 21 50 169 B
    Speaking 6.0 18 50 169 B

    (for points tested Skilled visas)

    Listening 7.0 24 65 185 B
    Reading 7.0 24 65 185 B
    Writing 7.0 27 65 185 B
    Speaking 7.0 23 65 185 B

    (for points tested Skilled visas)

    Listening 8.0 28 79 200 A
    Reading 8.0 29 79 200 A
    Writing 8.0 30 79 200 A
    Speaking 8.0 26 79 200 A

    ​*From 1 January 2015 and only for a Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) test taken on or after 1 January 2015


    Genuine Temporary Entrant requirement

    When lodging the application, it is of utmost importance to provide sufficient evidence that the applicant genuinely intends to stay in Australia temporarily. This evidence may include:

    • The applicant’s circumstances in their home country
    • The applicant’s potential circumstances in Australia
    • The value of the course to the applicant’s future
    • The applicant’s immigration history
    • If the applicant is a minor – the intentions of a parent, legal guardian or spouse of the applicant
    • Other relevant matters.

    What Does This Visa Let You Do?

    This visa allows you to:

    • You can study a CRICOS registered full-time course in Australia.
    • Eligible family members can accompany you to Australia.
    • Eligible to work a maximum of 40 hours per fortnight when your course is in session, and unlimited hours when your course is not in session.

    Study visas are complex. Please contact our team of experienced registered migration experts for immediate advice and assistance.

    Subclass 500 Frequently Asked Questions

    • Can I enrol to the college directly? Can I apply for student visa myself? Why do I need an agent?

      Yes, you can, but we take the headache out of the process – We are specialised in this area, all our staff have extensive industry experience.

      In addition, we provide counselling for your course selection and can help you with long-term visa strategies to help you help with Australian migration and permanent residency pathways.

      Be cautious of agents who are inexperienced and offer discounts as they may give you wrong advice which could have massive implications for your visa pathways in the future.

    • What can I study on a student visa?

      No, generally not.

      A bridging visa is granted automatically if an applicant has applied for a visa from a substantive visa and the visa which they have applied from expires but the new one they have applied for has not yet been granted. To keep someone lawfully in Australia while the new visa application is being assessed, that person automatically goes onto a Bridging visa A.

      If they want to travel outside of Australia while their visa is being assessed, then they need to apply for a Bridging visa B. At all times, a visa holder must avoid being in Australia without a valid visa or a Bridging visa. People who are unlawfully in Australia are placed on a Bridging visa E which requires them to depart Australia immediately. This usually carries a three-year restriction on any temporary visa that allows re-entry into Australia.

    • Can I work during my studies in Australia?

      Yes, you can work while you’re studying in Australia. International students are permitted to work a maximum of 40 hours per fortnight during study periods and unlimited hours during study breaks. There are no work restrictions for students completing a masters by research or doctoral degree.

    • If I have a partner on my visa, what are his/her work rights?

      If you are studying a Masters or higher, your partner has unlimited work rights at all times. If you are studying a bachelor or lower, your partner can only work 40 hours per fortnight.

    • Can I change my course or institution if I don’t like it?

      Yes, you can — although there are strict conditions and steps set by the Department of Home Affairs that you will need to meet and follow. We outline the steps to follow when changing your course or institution. By booking an appointment with us we will assist you to:

        • Consider visa requirements and implications as to what visas will be available to you to apply for once your course is completed;
        • Recommend relevant courses by taking into consideration your educational background;
        • Understand your financial obligations required for a student visa;
        • We have access to a vast network of some of the BEST Australian universities and colleges through our partnership with Studyco and can assist to place you in whichever one would be the most suitable for your requirements.
    • Can I take an online course?

      No, you cannot take ‘online-only’ courses.

      To qualify for a student visa, you must attend face-to-face classes. You will attend an average of 2-3 days a week. However, by visa rules, 25% of your course content can be online. Please note, however, this requirement has been amended through the Covid-19 era, and each educational institution will have their own ways of conducting courses in accordance with government safe Covid – 19 practice.

    • Do I have to pay all the tuition fees at once?

      No, you can pay your tuition in instalments – usually every 3 to 6 months depending on the institution.

      The exception is for English courses, where you must pay the first 3 months upfront.

    • Can I get a scholarship, a student loan, or funding from Australia?

      An international student cannot take out student loans in Australia, and Australian government funding is not available to student visa holders.

      Should you wish to apply for a scholarship, you must contact institutions directly.

    • What will happen if I provide false or misleading information with my visa application?

      If the Department of Home Affairs finds that you provided a bogus document or false or misleading information with your visa application:

        • they might refuse your visa application
        • they might prevent you from being granted another visa for three years and, if your visa has already been granted, they might cancel it.
    • Which English language tests are accepted by the Department?

      The test must have been taken no more than two years before you apply for your student visa.

    Client Story

    student visa australia


    Ranjeet Kumar, a young man from India, studied and completed Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery and Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management at one Sydney’s hospitality management institutes in June 2020. His course took him 2 years and 3 months to complete. He approached us to help with his 485 Graduate Visa application.

    AustraliaMigrate advised him that a skill assessment as a chef with TRA was required.  As he had not completed a degree level qualification he could not apply for the Post Study Work Stream. Fortunately, his occupation of chef was on the 485 list of occupations.

    We assisted Ranjeet to apply for his Skills Assessment with TRA and he received a successful outcome. With a positive skill assessment, Ranjeet’s 485 application was lodged together with the other documents required at the lodgement stage, such as an English language test (IELTS or PTE). His visa was granted for 18 months which means he has time to build his work experience as a chef.

    Why AustraliaMigrate?

    “AustraliaMigrate Pty Ltd has been helping people around the world successfully apply for Australian visas for over 20 years.
    Our professional specialists are highly experienced in the migration environment.”

    We guide individuals and businesses through the complex migration process to Australia. With long years of industry experience, our immigration specialists have built a reputation of providing accessible, accurate and genuine advice to our esteemed clients.

    Our specialists assist in preparing and reviewing your documents and forms before submitting for successful approval. We strive to make the whole immigration process hassle-free for you.

    We have a very high success rate of visa approval and a solid reputation resulting in a large amount of repeat business. We provide immigration services to individuals, families and companies, whether they are small or public companies and in any industry.

    Immigration is the only thing we do so we are highly specialized in it.

    student visa australia

    What our clients have to say about us


    Thank you Ian. Fabulous news. Thanks to you and your team’s effort and work. Great service.


    Thank you SO so much for all of your patience and work on this. Still hasn’t sunk in yet that I’m actually free! Once again, massive thanks to both you and Mariola!!


    Thanks so much for this excellent news. I’m impressed how fast and smooth it all went, which is a result of excellence in services. Thanks so much for all the attention.

    M. MOBIN

    Thank you Ian ,I highly appreciate your kind efforts. Its a big day for me and my family and you make it possible. May you live long with health, wealth and peace.

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