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    Visa Subclass 408

    How this visa works

    This visa is for people who are required to be in Australia for a short-term temporary basis. They need to:

    • have the skills to undertake the activity to be carried out in Australia
    • be supported or sponsored
    • meet additional requirements of the relevant stream

    Visa 408 Eligibility

    The 408 visa is eligible for those people that want to come to Australia on a temporary basis to:

    • Attend a conference as an invited participant
    • Work in the entertainment industry
    • Participate in a non-ongoing cultural or social activity at the invitation of an Australian organisation
    • Observe or participate as an academic in a research project
    • Undertake fulltime religious work
    • Participate in a special program to enhance international relations and cultural exchange
    • Participate in sports at a high level (including training)
    • Work in a skilled position under a staff exchange arrangement
    • Participate in an Australian Government-endorsed event
    • Work as a superyacht crew member
    • Undertake fulltime domestic work in the household of certain senior foreign executives.

    408 Visa Applicant Requirements

    In-order to apply for the 408 visa, the visa applicant should have met the following conditions:

    • When applying for the 408 visa outside of Australia, you must have plans to stay in Australia for less than 3 months and have the provision of the organisation/individual’s provision responsible for the event.
    • Must be sponsored by an approved sponsor
    • Must have sufficient financial support and health insurance to cover the cost for the duration of the stay
    • Must have fulfilled the criteria of the activity under the 408 visa

    Who Can Sponsor The 408 Visa?

    An organisation or individual can only sponsor an applicant if they are:

    • Australian organisation (business, corporate or non-profit organisation operating in Australia)
    • Australian Government agency (state or territory agency)
    • Foreign government agency operating a business in Australia (trade offices, diplomatic missions or media bureaus)
    • Organisation or agency that is endorsing sports or a sports event in Australia
    • Religious foundations recognised by the Australia Tax Office (ATO)
    • Captain or proprietor of a superyacht

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The temporary activity visa (subclass 408) allows people that are sponsored to come to Australia on a temporary basis for a specific type of work or event. These specific type of work and events include: Australian government endorsed events, special cultural programs, religious work, research activity, social or cultural activity (community-based), sporting activities, entertainment activities, superyacht crew, exchange arrangements or domestic work for executives. Family members are also eligible to come as part of the visa application.
    The processing time for the 408 visa can vary depending on the type of work and activity that it is applied for. The processing time can range from 6 days to 21 months. If you are unsure of the potential processing time, talk to our migration consultants for more information.
    As a visa holder, you can use VEVO to check your current visa details and conditions.
    If you have lived in Australia for at least 2 years (can be accumulated) in the last 5 years prior to lodging your visa, you will automatically be granted a new 5-year Permanent Residence Visa. If you have spent less than 2 years in Australia, you may be eligible for a one-year RRV. You would need to present ties you have to Australia such as employment, investment, family or business ties. If you are unsure, talk to us today on how to present your Resident Return Visa application, and what to do between the time of lodge and assessment.

    Work visas are complex. Please contact our team of experienced registered migration experts for immediate advice and assistance.

    Client Story

    visitor visa for parents


    Maren Beattie arrived in Australia on a Working Holiday Visa in 2007. She and Matt had been pen-pals before she arrived.

    Our relationship developed and we got married in Jan 2008. I applied for a spouse visa with my husband Matthew Beattie. I received my Permanent Visa in 2010.

    Starting off in Australia in 2007 with a Working Holiday Visa, subclass 417. Shortly after meeting my husband, Matthew Beattie, we decided to get married. We were introduced and recommended by Matthew’s friend to contact with AustraliaMigrate for assistance in the spouse visa application.

    Why AustraliaMigrate?

    “AustraliaMigrate Pty Ltd has been helping people around the world successfully apply for Australian visas for over 20 years.
    Our professional specialists are highly experienced in the migration environment.”

    We guide individuals and businesses through the complex migration process to Australia. With long years of industry experience, our immigration specialists have built a reputation of providing accessible, accurate and genuine advice to our esteemed clients.

    Our specialists assist in preparing and reviewing your documents and forms before submitting for successful approval. We strive to make the whole immigration process hassle-free for you.

    We have a very high success rate of visa approval and a solid reputation resulting in a large amount of repeat business. We provide immigration services to individuals, families and companies, whether they are small or public companies and in any industry.

    Immigration is the only thing we do so we are highly specialized in it.

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    What our clients have to say about us


    Thank you Ian. Fabulous news. Thanks to you and your team’s effort and work. Great service.


    Thank you SO so much for all of your patience and work on this. Still hasn’t sunk in yet that I’m actually free! Once again, massive thanks to both you and Mariola!!


    Thanks so much for this excellent news. I’m impressed how fast and smooth it all went, which is a result of excellence in services. Thanks so much for all the attention.

    M. MOBIN

    Thank you Ian ,I highly appreciate your kind efforts. Its a big day for me and my family and you make it possible. May you live long with health, wealth and peace.

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