What Are The Health Requirements For An Australian Visa?

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March 3, 2023

Thanks to widespread immunisation rates and public health care, Australia maintains very high health standards. The health requirements for Australian citizenship reflect this principle. We have eradicated a number of highly infectious diseases through vaccinations and a preventative approach to healthcare. Therefore, we practise strict health requirements for Australian visa applicants. In order to keep our population safe, we screen potential migrants and refugees for infectious diseases before they enter the country. Migrants wanting to work with children, elderly people, or in hospitals are held to higher screening standards and may have to undergo additional medical tests for Australian permanent residency. Also, those from countries that the Australian Government deems to be of high tuberculosis risk must have extra health screenings. At Aus Migrate, we want to help you understand all the obstacles you may face when obtaining a visa and the total health requirements for Australian citizenship. The health screening is one of the most transparent processes involved in acquiring your Australian visa – and we will explore all requirements below to make your application smoother. We can take you through the Australian immigration medical requirements so your experience becomes seamless.


Who Needs To Meet The Health Requirements?

People of different ages and different occupations will be held to different requirements when considering the health requisites for an Australian visa. Below is a comprehensive table outlining the testing criteria by age group. These tests must be passed by every person in the age bracket as a minimum standard of health, but those who are pregnant, have clinical inclinations or plan to work or study as a medical professional will be subject to extra medical tests for Australian permanent residency. These will be outlined in the table below for extra clarity. 


Health Requirements by Age for Australian Visa Applicants



Routine medical examination


From >2 to <11

Routine medical examination and a tuberculosis test. 

if you are from a higher-risk country or are applying on a refugee or humanitarian visa you will be required to undergo a latent tuberculosis test


From >11 to <15

Routine medical examination and chest X-Ray



Medical exam, chest X-Ray, and HIV test


What Are The Australian Visa Medical Requirements?


Before progressing with a visa application, the candidate must ensure they meet the health requirements for an Australian visa. This will include a full-body general checkup, where abnormalities will be noted but not necessarily preclude entry. However, some of the medical tests for Australian permanent residency will serve to prohibit access if a positive result is returned. Communicate with us at Australia Migrate and investigate whether the health requirements for Australian citizenship will impact you. Infections or viruses that are extremely transmissible pose a large threat to public safety. These include Hep C, Hep B, HIV, syphilis, and tuberculosis. An applicant will be tested and screened for all of these conditions as part of the Australian immigration medical requirements. Depending on the circumstance and the condition, a positive result will sometimes disqualify the visa.


What Medical Test Is Required For Australian Visa Applicants?


Medical tests for Australian permanent residency can be undertaken domestically or from approved locations internationally. The Department of Home Affairs has certain approved practitioners and panel physicians that can ensure you meet the Australian immigration medical requirements. In Australia, you must undergo testing via the health provider Bupa Medical Visa Services. Contact Australia Migrate for help when liaising with this regulator and receive the best chance for visa approval. The applicant and all dependents must meet the health requirements for Australian citizenship before the visa form will progress.


You are 15+ years and intend to work or study as a doctor, dentist, nurse, or paramedic.

Hepatitis B and C test


You are 15+ and plan to work or study as a health care worker, or work within a health care, aged care or disability care facility, and are from a higher-risk country.

Latent tuberculosis test


You are 15+ and applying for an onshore protection visa

Hepatitis B and C test

Syphilis test


You are 15+ and applying for a refugee visa

Syphilis test

Tests that address your specific health risks


You are pregnant and plan to have your baby in Australia

Hepatitis B test


You are a child for adoption

Hepatitis B test

HIV test


What If You Fail Your Medical Test?

When you complete the health requirements for an Australian visa, your case will be judged and you will be alerted to whether you have cleared the Australian immigration medical requirements. If this is not the case, your condition will have been deemed an immediate risk to the health of Australian society and you will not be permitted to receive a visa. This is often the instance with those affected by active cases of tuberculosis or conditions that present a great cost to the community. You may be suitable for a health undertaking, which gives you an opportunity for entry on the stipulation that you attend a health provider and receive a course of treatment for your medical irregularity. At Australia Migrate we will assess your circumstances to see if you are eligible. If you are ineligible and have not met the medical requirements for an Australian Visa, you will be refused entry.


Ensure you visit the Department of Home Affairs website to read the criteria for temporary and permanent visas. More information can be found here on the Australian visa medical requirements. Checking your visa type is essential to confirm that you have no extra health requirements. If you think your country may be considered a higher risk for tuberculosis, check the official list1 to stay up-to-date on entry requirements. Contact Australia Migrate for information on any of these processes, or help with streamlining your application progress by meeting the health requirements for an Australian visa.




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