Removal of 408 COVID Pandemic Event Visa

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September 26, 2023
  • To be removed from Midnight 1st September 2023 for new applicants.
  • Existing 408 Pandemic Event Visa Holders have until February 2024 to renew – only 6 months will be granted

In today’s announcement, the Government has revealed significant changes to the Pandemic Event visa, marking a decisive shift in Australia’s visa policy landscape.

Closure of the Pandemic Event Visa: Starting from 2nd September 2023, the Pandemic Event visa will be closed to all new applicants. This decision is grounded in the fact that the circumstances that necessitated the introduction of this visa no longer persist

Transitional Measures: From September 2, 2023, the Pandemic Event visa will only be available to individuals who currently hold a 408 Pandemic Event visa, and their current visa has either 28 days or less remaining or has expired within 28 days before the new 408 visa application. As part of these changes, new applications submitted from this date will be granted a six-month visa, and applicants will be required to pay a Visa Application Charge of $405 AUD. It’s important to note that new applications for existing 408 Pandemic Event Visa holders will only be accepted until 01 February 2024.

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