Meet the Team

Ian Singer, Principal and Director
(MARA 0001947)
As a Registered Migration Agent since 2000, Ian has helped individuals, families and companies, large and small, achieve successful migration outcomes and plan migration strategies.

Ian’s in-depth experience includes all kinds of Skilled Visas, Business Sponsorship Visas, Partner Visas, Parent Visas, Bridging visas, Resident Return Visas and many, many more. 

Driven to enhance the lives of people, Ian completed a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Social Work. His many years of experience and an easy and relaxed style makes his clients feel instantly comfortable and confident. He will go to the ends of the world to achieve success for his clients with a simple but effective motto of “I never let my clients down”. 

Mariola Golek, Registered Migration Agent
(MARA 1464091)
Mariola is a registered migration agent with a Master Degree in Applied Linguistics. Mariola who works part time with us, has a strong understanding of migration regulations and has been instrumental in building AustraliaMigrate’s solid reputation. She has exceptional skills in accurately sourcing relevant regulations and policy issues, which help to ensure that our clients get exceptional advice.
Specialities include but not limited to:-
  • Managing all client cases including highly complex situations;
  • Pinpointing accurate Immigration regulations and Policy advice;
  • Employer Sponsorship visas, General Skilled Migration visas and Partner Visas;
  • Eye for detail to ensure all pitfalls are covered.

Hildrun Hopkins, Senior Manager
Hildrun is originally from Germany and advanced in the process of converting her degree to register as a solicitor in NSW.  Hildrun worked for three years as a solicitor in Germany before taking up residence in Australia. As they say “once a lawyer always a lawyer”, Hildrun is able to see hidden opportunities and is highly adept at complex problem solving. She has exceptional analytical abilities. 
Specialities include but not limited to:-
  • Application of complex migration law;
  • Clients’ communication and relationship management;
  • Complex problem solving and thinking outside the square;
  • Finding clever and innovative solutions to difficult problems.

Lynn Chen, Marketing and Business Development
Lynn has more than 7 years marketing and cross-cultural communication experience in both Taiwan and Australia. She had two Masters Degrees from Australia where she majored in Marketing and International Communication at Macquarie University in Sydney. She currently manages our education services, marketing development and international business communication. She provides bilingual support in Mandarin and English with our local and overseas partners.

Specialities include but not limited to:-
  • Managing overseas partner relationships;
  • Liaising with Australian Education Providers;
  • Developing and implementing local and international marketing strategies;
  • Providing overall support to the Director and the team members.

Cheryl Singer, Lawyer
Cheryl is a qualified lawyer, registered in NSW as a practising lawyer, with over 20 years of legal experience. Cheryl handles all related legal work for AustraliaMigrate.

She specializes in commercial law, employment contracts, family law, conveyancing, wills, contracts, leases and trademarks. Cheryl is a highly skilled and effective solicitor and her experience and knowledge ensures that our clients are well represented. 
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