Fair Pricing Policy

At AustraliaMigrate we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence and our truly outstanding success rate while offering a personalised and accessible service. 
Our pricing policy is based on fairness reflecting our client focused approach.  Our pricing policy makes our clients feel very comfortable with engaging our services.

The following are some of the elements of our pricing policy:
  • Most onshore applications are based on 50% of the fee at commencement and 50% on APPROVAL;
  • We quote you a fixed fee and there are no hidden costs, such as photocopying, postage, telephone, extra time we may need to spend on your application;
  • Our fees are realistic for the work we undertake and reflect a genuine desire to have a win-win situation with you, our client;
  • We have a number of payment facilities such as EFTPOS where most credit cards are accepted, cheque and bank transfer;
  • In many cases we are happy to disburse lodgement fees on your behalf and don’t delay the application waiting for fees to be paid.
  • We are generous with our advice to many people who call us and don’t have a rigid policy of no advice before a fee is paid. 
At AustraliaMigrate, our clients are our number ONE priority. That is why so much of our work is from referrals. We always welcome new business, no matter what the source of finding us. We extend a warm welcome to all who approach us.
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