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    Investor Stream Subclass 188 (Provisional)

    This Visa is designed for people who want to make a designated investment of at least AUD 2.5 million into a complying Australian-managed investment funds for the duration of the provisional visa validity, and reside in Australia for at least two years.


    • Minimum Eligible investment and Qualifying Investment requirements have to be met;
    • For at least one of the 5 fiscal years immediately before the application is made one of the following applies;
      • you have maintained direct involvement in either managing a qualifying business in which you (or you and your spouse or de facto partner together) had at least 1 ownership interest; OR
      • you have maintained direct involvement in managing your (or your and your spouse or de facto partner’s combined) eligible investments, the total value of which was at least AUD 1,5M
    • For the 2 fiscal years immediately before receiving invitation to apply, you, your partner, or you and your partner together, have business and personal assets with a net value of at least AUD2.5M. These assets must have been lawfully acquired and be available for transfer to Australia within 2 years of the visa being granted.
    • You have at least 3 cumulative years of experience of direct involvement in managing a qualifying business and/or eligible investment and have an overall successful record.
    • You must be nominated by an Australian State or Territory government agency before being invited to apply for this visa.
    • You must be under 55 unless the nominating State or Territory has provided their support to waive the age requirement due to your proposed investment activity being of exceptional economic benefit;
    • Meet the points test pass mark, set as 65;
    • When you are invited to apply, you must make a complying significant investment of at least AUD2.5 million. You must hold complying significant investments continuously for the life of your provisional visa (5 years). It must be invested in the following proportions:
      • at least AUD500,000 in venture capital and growth private equity funds which invest in start-ups and small private companies;
      • at least AUD750,000 in approved managed funds. The managed funds must invest in emerging companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange;
      • a ‘balancing investment’ of at least AUD1.25 million in managed funds.
    • The managed funds can be invested in a range of assets, including companies listed on the Australian stock exchange, Australian corporate bonds or notes, annuities and commercial real estate.
    • Only indirect investment in residential property through managed funds can apply.
    • You must satisfy the Department of Home Affairs that once you have made the designated investment you have a realistic commitment to undertake investment activities OR establish or participate in a qualifying business in Australia and maintain substantial ownership and direct and continuous involvement in the management of that business. There is no business turnover requirement.

    What Does This Visa Let You Do?

    • Include your dependent family members in your application so they can get the same visa as you;
    • Apply for Permanent Residence – Business Innovation and Investment Visa-Subclass 888 (Permanent)
    • This visa is granted for 5 years but an extension for another 2 years can be applied for, to provide you with a maximum period 7 years, from the time of your subclass 188 visa grant.
    • You will need to live in Australia for the period of 2 out of 4 years immediately before the date of application. It does not need to have been for a continuous stay and combining short period of stay may be added together to satisfy this requirement.

    Business Visas are complex. Please contact our team of registered migration experts for immediate advice and assistance.

    Client Story


    Katz and John applied for an Employer Nominated Sponsorship Visa and successfully got their Permanent Residency in 2007. The couple is settled in Melbourne, Australia.

    We moved to Australia with only suitcases (and sentimental items), and have virtually bought everything from scratch including our large detached townhouse, two cars and all our media/furnishings.

    While in Adelaide and Melbourne we had attended two immigration agents to gauge the complications and expense of the next step of settling in Australia. However, on a personal recommendation from one of Katz’s colleagues we visited Mr Ian Singer in Sydney.

    Why AustraliaMigrate?

    “AustraliaMigrate Pty Ltd has been helping people around the world successfully apply for Australian visas for over 20 years.
    Our professional specialists are highly experienced in the migration environment.”

    We guide individuals and businesses through the complex migration process to Australia. With long years of industry experience, our immigration specialists have built a reputation of providing accessible, accurate and genuine advice to our esteemed clients.

    Our specialists assist in preparing and reviewing your documents and forms before submitting for successful approval. We strive to make the whole immigration process hassle-free for you.

    We have a very high success rate of visa approval and a solid reputation resulting in a large amount of repeat business. We provide immigration services to individuals, families and companies, whether they are small or public companies and in any industry.

    Immigration is the only thing we do so we are highly specialized in it.

    What our clients have to say about us


    Thank you Ian. Fabulous news. Thanks to you and your team’s effort and work. Great service.


    Thank you SO so much for all of your patience and work on this. Still hasn’t sunk in yet that I’m actually free! Once again, massive thanks to both you and Mariola!!


    Thanks so much for this excellent news. I’m impressed how fast and smooth it all went, which is a result of excellence in services. Thanks so much for all the attention.

    M. MOBIN

    Thank you Ian ,I highly appreciate your kind efforts. Its a big day for me and my family and you make it possible. May you live long with health, wealth and peace.

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