I heard 457 visas are no longer available, what are my options?

In March 2018,457 visas were abolished and replaced with the completely new Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa, Subclass 482.

  • The new TSS visa program is comprised of two streams under subclass 482 : Short-Term STSOL and Medium-Long-Term MLTSSL– and eligibility for these streams depends on the occupation being applied for:
    • Short-term stream: a visa of up to two years can be granted with an option to apply for another two. There is no option to apply for permanent residency through this pathway;
    • Medium-Long term stream:a visa of up to four years can be granted. There is an option for the visa applicant to be sponsored for permanent residency after three years.
  • 59 caveats now apply to specified occupations. This means that certain occupation-specific requirements must now be met, for example, salary, work experience, business turnover, number of employees in the business etc
  • For all TSS visas, both under Short and Medium to long term, there is a requirement that the applicant has to have at least two years of experience in that occupation;
  • For occupations in the Medium-Long-Term List the English requirement is a 5 in each of the 4 bands on the IELTS or equivalent test, whereas on the Short-Term List there still a requirement of an overall score of 5 with no less than 4.5 in each of the 4 .